We have a shop!

We have a shop! Like a real commercial, brick and mortar storefront you can walk into…. Whaaaat!!!

It was a dilapidated mess when we received the keys, and through weeks of sweat, tears, tacos and beer, we made it ours!

Because it is still just Erin and I running the show, we are still doing showing by appointment, to allow us to be in and out of the shop for sourcing and deliveries.  But believe you me, we are in the shop more than we are anywhere else… especially home.

Painted EVERY surface…. some (most) twice….

'The Painting Banditas'

So how does one fill holes in a floor? Cement.  And then you put your name in it.  Naturally.

Little Inventory Trip

This week we jumped in our van to roam the land, sourcing new pieces, to share with you.  This is just a sample of one of stops, before we adjusted, stacked and packed it into the van..... Just like Tetris......

Van Life.....


Re-Up's 'lil helper....

Being that Dino has been a 'shop pup' since the age of 3 weeks, he has become accustomed to 'helping' us out.... I use the term 'helping' very loosly, but he's great for morale. :)

Re-up got a Shop Pup

So...... three months ago I receive a text from Erin, with this light tan, green eyed angel, pumpking face pitbull, and essentially melted all over my dining room rug.....

In comes Dino, who was this 2 lb., 3 week old pit bull pup, and out went 75% of our productivity....

Granted, this was in September, so we have had oodles of time to put document his growth.... while hard at work.

Day 1-ish.... — West Town Re-Up

Our very first WTRU 'dear diary'....

We have been around for nearly a year now; collecting, fixing, finishing and finding homes for dozens of pieces, through Craigslist & our Facebook page.

But there comes a time when a small basement hobby, grows into a larger, above ground business, and last month WTRU had it's time. 

If you had purchased pieces from us in the past, we are no longer in our basement space, rather, we are in a 'homey' transitional space, until we find our next shop!

For those who haven't shopped with us before, we would like to summarize the last few months with you.... and by that I mean, I'm going to post photos of our Shop Pup growing up in and on a lot of MCM furniture.  

#twogirlshardatwork ;)

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