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Customized design packages for your rental or forever home.

What you do:

Set up a consultation with us where we will meet you in your home, and discuss your wants and needs for your space, room by room.

From there we will put together a proposal package, based on our discussion, with a basic floor plan, inspiration images and explanations, on how we envision implementing them in your space. 

Consultation and Proposal Package: $300

Like what you see?:

Simply start by purchasing an Intro Design Package, which consists of 10 design hours, at $120/hr.

What you get:

We will fully dimension each room that needs work, and provide you with multiple furniture layout options that we think best fit the space and how you use them day to day.

We will also include additional mood boards, using selections we think work well together, multiple options for each item discussed to be purchased, and a full purchase list of all of the furniture, textiles, lighting and decor for you to purchase at your convenience.  

This way, you can transform your space in the timeframe (and budget) you see fit, with all the resources you need already at hand.

Whether it's two households blending into one, or the problem of 'I have so many pieces that technically function as furniture, but none of it makes sense together'; we've done it all.

Let us help you make your home feel like a well designed, cohesive space.

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