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Starting in 2015, WTHD has casually worked on the interior spaces of some of our favorite customers and friends, purely based on the aesthetic of our shop.  Since then, we have gotten more and more requests to help people with furniture placement and design consulting, so we have decided to take the call!  WTHD now offers Interior Design Services!  Contact us for more information and to set up an in home consultation.


Bottom Line Yoga_Chicago Civic Opera House


Last winter we had the opportunity to work with Bottom Line Yoga on their newest installation in Chicago's Civic Opera House.  Owner Lauren Goggins wanted a more design focused interiors, then your standard yoga studio.  We started with a completely blank slate; white washed walls + ceiling, light polished cement floors, and an AMAZING bank of windows that spanned the entire length of the space.  It was the perfect blank canvas to fill with our vintage pieces.

FullSizeRender (29).jpg

The 2,400 square foot space was a complete open floor plan that needed to incorporate a practice studio, a reception area, 2 lounge areas, a meeting space, a wellness room and a locker room.  To put up walls would completely detract from the wide open space, so we opted for floor to ceiling curtains instead.  We also used large area rugs for visual separation between the three meeting spaces.  

FullSizeRender (28).jpg

The practice space was kept very simple, to emphasize the light allowed by the wall of windows.  To soften the space a bit, we installed floor to ceiling curtains, and added an amazing mural by Andy Bellomo, for contrast.  

Humboldt Park BOHO House

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