Large Art for a Large Wall Without a Big Budget

After closing the shop to focus solely on interiors, we had the amazing opportunity to do a few projects with Sonder; a startup that has a similar business model as Airbnb.  Think Airbnb, but with actual management.

We designed 5 spaces for them throughout Chicago, but the budgets for these projects were TIGHT.  When working with a rather small budget, art tends to be the first thing to be put on the back burner.  But the addition of art and decor is what makes a space feel complete, so we did what we do best, and incorporated a long of DIY projects into each space.

Below are some of our favorite, inexpensive solutions to filling a wall without extending your budget.

In this project, we had a huge open wall space over the dining area and we weren’t sure what to do with it. We wanted to fill the space, but had about $20 left in the budget. So we went to Michaels to look at our options, and walked away with yarn, Rit Dye, and 3′ wooden dowels. This backyard project takes a couple of hours and the impact it made on this wall was exactly what we had imagined.

For another project, we were faced with the same tight budget, but instead, we had three rooms to add artwork to. Wanting to give each room its own feel, not simply recreating the same piece over and over. We loved the material cost of the previous dip dye wall hangings from the previous project, but wanted to play around with something different for this location.

We decided to simply purchase different colors of yarn, some wooden beads, along with the wooden dowels, and came up with these pieces.

Other clients began requesting similar pieces for their spaces, and we enjoyed making them, so we just continued making them for other projects, and for clients to purchase on their own!

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